Event Descriptions

VTS Workshops & Presentations
One-day workshops introducing VTS practice and theory for those who are curious about VTS, scheduled in different locations throughout the year, and can also be contracted for a particular site and time.

VTS Practicums
These workshops focus on developing VTS facilitation skills. Beginning/intermediate level is for people who have had little or no exposure and minimal experience. Advanced level is for those who have attended other workshops and been practicing VTS for some time. While some time is allotted to examining theoretical underpinnings of VTS, the focus is helping participants learn to do VTS well.

Coaching Workshops
We believe that learning to teach Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) can be a setting for serious exchange among educators about teaching in general. The Coaching Workshop focuses on strengthening facilitation and teaching skills in two settings: Group-Coaching and One-on-One Coaching.

Aesthetic Thinking Workshops
A basic to advanced understanding of VTS, as well as an ongoing VTS practice is recommended before attending these workshops. These workshops will provide an overview of the research that led to cognitive psychologist and VTS Co-Founder Abigail Housen’s stage model of aesthetic development and to the creation of VTS. Participants will examine aesthetic thinking and how the understanding of its development can inform education practice. Studies and assessments of the impact of VTS will be discussed, as well as the tools used to capture this impact.

Summer Institute 
Through intensive classroom and gallery sessions focused on VTS facilitation and training, this event will provide time and space for presentations and discussions on a range of VTS-related topics and practices. Participation is offered via two tracks: Advanced Practicum and Trainer Training. More info here.