Seattle, WA

A three-year program designed to build an innovative and sustainable school-museum partnership and bring art into the lives of students, teachers, and families is celebrated in a new documentary short, A Learning Community, which is available by clicking here.

The program--an in-depth partnership between the Frye Art Museum, Roxhill Elementary School, and Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)--includes innovative professional development in which teachers practice VTS in the classroom and in the museum, and students engage in art viewing and discussion as a tool for collaborative learning and critical thinking.

After three years of training, Roxhill teachers now lead their own school visits at the Frye and feel empowered to use the museum as a resource for learning. Students engage in art discussions, make observations and inferences, provide evidence for their ideas and respectfully agree and disagree with each other.

As a fourth-grade Roxhill teacher reflected during a recent training session at the Frye, "VTS is one of the opportunities for struggling students to feel success. Those who don't usually participate will [now] get involved."

If you are in the Seattle area and would like to learn more about the project, contact Yoon Kang-O'Higgins, or visit the website.

This partnership was made possible with support of the Frye Foundation and the Wyman Youth Trust. The Frye would like to thank all of the participating students, teachers, and staff at Roxhill Elementary School.