VTS School Program - PreK-8

In our 15 years of implementing VTS in over 300 schools we have identified the following keys to a successful VTS implementation:

  • School-wide buy-in from teachers, principals, and instructional specialists prior to initiation of the program, situating VTS as a core pedagogical and cultural component of the school over the course of implementation
  • All staff are invited to participate in PD activities, while classroom teachers implement the curriculum
  • All students participate in VTS lessons from the outset, as the curriculum is sequential and all students benefit and enjoy the process

Contact us to speak to a program director about what the VTS School Program might look like at your school.

Program Overview

  1. Professional Development: full-staff, small-group, and one-on-one PD sessions for all classroom teachers over three years; 10-15 hours of direct PD/year; all PD must be conducted by a Qualified VTS Trainers.
  2. Curriculum Materials: teacher manuals, image sets, and interactive website ( -
  3. Program Website: hosts all VTS curriculum materials and PD resources, as well as extensive video resources, teacher discussion boards, teacher FAQs, student writing activities, and more!
  4. Program Management: our Qualified VTS Trainers will work with you and your staff to customize our PD model to meet and fit within your instructional objectives, existing curricula and programs, as well as the always crowded classroom and PD schedule.